netLabs! Uganda is proud to host the Uganda Openstack User Group (UOUG). UOUG is a non-commercial community of engineers, technologists and students working in the Ugandan Internet industry, running clouds or building apps on them to work together to discuss OpenStack, share knowledge and experience. If you are interested in Cloud Orchestration and Openstack you are welcome to participate in the user group. UOUG wishes to spread awareness and knowledge as well as encourage the use of Openstack and related technologies in Uganda.

UOUG Events

While UOUG is non-commercial it takes money to run events, if your company is interented in Openstack and are interested in sponsoring an event then we will are happy to give you the opportunity to do a short pitch and place advertisement signage at events, however we do not appreciate members being pressuring into buying anything at UOUG events.

UOUG activities are organised to comply with the OpenStack Community Code of Conduct and other policies.


If you wish to communicate with the UOUG Organising committee, feel free to email:


netLabs!UG have posted a set of training notes based on the Pike release of Openstack. The can be found here.