Looking for open access AI training data to build your first language model or image recognition model for the African continent? This course will provide you with the resources to get you started on your journey. GIZ in collaboration with Makerere University are producing a series of modules on the use of AI training data for AI practitioners in Africa. 

In module 1 of the course, “How to access open voice training data: Mozilla’s Common Voice Platform”, we will take you through the process of creating open voice training data using Mozilla's common voice platform. We will introduce the functionality and possibilities of the platform that you make use of in your own projects. The module will also explain the relevance and local usefulness of voice data in African contexts.  Moreover, the course will also highlight other open voice data repositories that are relevant for the development of AI applications in the African context. 

The course is hosted on the atingi platform, an innovative eLearning platform for the African continent. Look out for the course Open AI Training Data.

  • Date: 01 Dec 2020 12:00 PM