Pilot a model for Rural Broadband Connectivity

The main objective of the netLabs!UG Project is to Pilot a model for Rural Broadband Connectivity in support of a knowledge-based economy with a focus on two sectors; agriculture and education. 

The specific objectives are:
    1. To pilot an affordable next-generation broadband connectivity solution for rural and under-served areas in Uganda to impact service delivery, agriculture, and education, and gender equality in support of national productivity and growth.
    2. To develop a scalabe RCBN framework for guiding provision of affordable broadband connectivity in line with the National Broadband Policy and in Support of strengthening Uganda’s Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) capabilities and performance.
    3. To train tertiary-level researchers in utilization of cognitive/smart radio technologies and software defined networks (SDN) in support of strengthening Uganda’s human resource productivity for social economic transformation.

The main research questions for this project are to assess the key priority intervention pathways for deploying Rural Broadband Connectivity and to assess the business models for affordable rural broadband through the use of smart and next generation technologies including 5G.

This project is funded by Makerere University under the Research Innovation Fund (RIF) and is implemented with support from:
    • National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U)
    • Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)
    • I.T Carlow
    • School of Women and Gender Studies, CHUSS, Makerere University
    • Kubere Information Center, Apac
    • Uganda Communications Commission (UCC)

The Principal Investigator on this Project is Eng. Dr. Dorothy Okello and the Co Principal Investigator is Dr. Edwin Mugume. The project team is comprised of:               

  •      Dr Ruth Nsibirano
  •      Mr Moses Owiny
  •      Mr Ronald Lukanga
  •      Mr Ekisa Conrad
  •      Ms Ayebare Georgina
  •      Ms Apio Lillian Mercy
  •      Dr P. J. White

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